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Real Adult Feelings: S1E1 - "The Pilot" from Jason Ryan on Vimeo.

Ethan (Mikiech Nichols) discovers he has inherited his deceased Mother's house and is quickly tasked to finding some roommates to help him pay the mortgage.

Season One

  • S1E1: The Pilot
  • S1E2: Rob
  • S1E3: Ethan
  • S1E4: Alice
  • S1E5: Greg / Season Finale
  • BONUS: Season One Outtakes
  • BONUS: Best Of Season One

Season Two

  • S2E1: The Beach - Part One
  • S2E2: The Beach - Part Two
  • S2E3: The Halloween Special
  • S2E4: STD-Less In Seattle
  • S2E5: Welcome Home, Alice (Part One)
  • BONUS: Best Of Season Two

Season Three

  • S3E1: Welcome Home, Alice (Part Two)
  • S3E2: Magical Haunted Delorean
  • S3E3: Authentic Grown-Up Emotions
  • S3E4: Penultimate Loneliness
  • S3E5: Series Finale
  • BONUS: Season Three Outtakes
  • BONUS: Casual Encounters