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An internet sitcom. - The Los Angeles Times

The cast poses at the beach


Real Adult Feelings make me laugh more deeply -and, quite frankly, more freuquently - than many comedy series that make it through the gauntlet of pilot season. - Leah Friedman, SideReel's Web TV Editor

While other slice-of-life web series can only scratch the surface of the characters they create, Real Adult Feelings digs deep, giving up both surface humor and a deep understand of the emotions and motivations that drive each interaction. - Tubefilter

There's nothing new about the concept of a sitcom where a group of young people share somewhere to live but there's a quality brand of humour here. I think a vital component is the chemistry between the characters. - Jeremy Brown

(A) talented core ensemble. - Snobby Robot

Eloquent grossness. - Comedy Cake